If you still have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us here:

A. We realize that many riders will still depend on their cantankerous automobile to travel to and from the ride. There is on-street parking in the village and oodles of off-street parking just south of the Village on the riverfront, more down by the Driftwood Pub, and even more slightly farther downriver by downtown.

Q. Where should I park my car?

 (A: No. Riders are responsible for their own food and beverages Except For the Tea, Scones, and Cider at Credit Island which are donated and complimentary. New this year is that rather than doing a dinner at the end of the ride, we will picnic at Credit Island Park. Feel free to pack a picnic or why not let Lagomarcino's pack one for you! $8 will get you a sandwich (ham, turkey, or tuna), chips, and a chocolate moustache. Don't have a basket on your bike? We will enlist one of our non-riding cohorts to transport them to the park by motor car so there will be no fear of a smushy sandwich because that just will not do!

Q: Is dinner included with the ride?

A: Now look here, this is a free ride. Its true purpose is to celebrate the history and culture of what is still the most wonderful way to propel one’s self from point A to point B. If you happen to be on the dole, down on your luck, or just say humbug, you’re still welcome to participate. Perhaps this small bicycle excursion will lift your spirits and help propel you to sunnier days!  That being said, if you can spare a suggested the $20 donation, it will be accepted with gratitude. Besides the warm fuzzy feeling of helping out, donors will also receive a commemorative arm band that entitles the wearer to participate in all contests and giveaways, save for the bike raffle.

 All funds received will be applied towards our expenses and anything left over will be presented to River Action to help repair and preserve the lovely Suerat statue garden where we stop for a spot of tea. The figures do require upkeep from time to time  as a result of vandalism as well as wear and tear from good old mother nature. In addition, the statues do have to be removed and stored for the winter months so there are costs involved with that. But, if all goes well, we’ll not only have a knee’s up good time, but hopefully give back to some of the dedicated folks that make our Quad-Cities a wonderful place to live, preserve a truly unique part of the Quad-Cities Riverfront and Bob’s your uncle!

Q: How much does it cost to ride?