Two Wheels And Tweed

Social Club

Bored Of Directors

Lord Dustin

CEO of

Deputy Director, Department of Sticky Things.

Lady Megan of Gwynedd

Deputy Director, Department of Shenanigans

"Don't be such a roadie!"

Baroness Von Gripp

Fabulist and co-floral director

Dr. McGillicuddy a,k.a. Peach Whisky

Keeper of the flask.

Miss Mandy

Chief Executive Officer

Does most of the Admiral's work.

Lady Katherine the Modest

Purveyor of the feast

Glides around the Pre-Tweed Social

showing off her hors d'oeuvre's.

Lady Godman, Duchess Of Davenportshire

Deputy Director, Ministry of Silly Greetings

Administrator of the Super Duper Secret Official TWAT Greeting

and <drum roll please>

World renowned Ice Silo Climber! 

Sir Willems

Seargent Without Arms

Security Director. Spends most of his time trying to steal a kiss from Katherine.

Baroness Von Harper

Floral director and co-fabulist.

Admiral Nelson

Chairman of the Bored

Spends most of his time dusting off his Louis Armstrong record collection.

Tasks include delegating his to do list to other people